About LiberalFX

About LiberalFX

Established seven years ago, LiberalFX has quickly grown into one of the largest forex and CFD brokers. We provide all investors to benefit from our new and different applications in order to enlarge and popularize the investment brokerage market.

Our customers can access and process all instant financial data, market analyzes and other information needed quickly and safely thanks to our advanced online forex trading platforms that use the latest technologies.

We give our customers a special investment service at LiberalFX to contribute more to the analysis and evaluation process, to resolve a potential problem on the spot, and for a seamless support.

We provide more professional and faster service to each customer with our advanced CRM system.

Diverse Product Offering

Offers competitive trading conditions with an easy to use proprietary trading platform. Clients can trade with one of the most popular and reliable trading platform available in the industry.

We provide trading services for more than 60 currency pairs as well as indices, CFDs, gold, silver, oil and other commodities.

LiberalFX reduces the client costs with the most competitive prices in the market, creating the best trading conditions for investors.

At the same time as LiberalFX we offer ECN account type.

With the high level of technological investment infrastructures and the prices received from the leading liquidity providers of the world, investors are able to carry out their transactions transparently, day and night without interruption, with wide product range minimized price spread deviation and rejected order statistics.

Competitive Spreads

LiberalFX offers some of the tightest spreads in the industry with our 5-decimal-digit pricing, starting as low as 0.1 pips for EURUSD. Clients enjoy leverage as high as 1:200, as well as minilots and microlots (minimum stake of 10p per point on Spread Betting, for example). Our deal-execution systems are fully automated; there is no dealing desk, and therefore no human intervention.

With a young, dynamic and progressive perspective, LiberalFX offers a unique service that enables investors to safely manage their investments by offering their products and services to their investors with its vast experience, vast experience, dominant structure and advanced technology.

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