Why LiberalFX

Why LiberalFX

We support to deepen our knowledge in the field of finance and technology with the latest developments, continually learn to be better than ever before, and endeavor to solve the needs of our customers in the most accurate manner.

Our whole effort is to remove any obstacles and process that are not required on the road leading to high profit margins and to shorten the road as much as possible.


Especially in Forex trading, establishing a trust relationship with our investors, to be one of the most important forex companies in global markets in service quality and product variety and to provide satisfaction of investors.


We strive to provide our customers all the facilities needed to know and understand the markets and products they trade by simplifying the investment and aiming to present it to our customers in easy-to-understand forms.

We provide our investors;

  • We know the problems we face in the age of digital investment and we are working to eliminate your worries and delivering the most advanced trading environment and the most advanced trading tools.
    • Money transfer and withdrawal without any complexity,
    • Do not worry about denied orders and delays in your digital investments,
    • Uninterrupted market access with advanced technology.
  • We are working to provide traders the lowest possible spreads whatever the market conditions. We have established strong relationships with the largest and most reliable liquidity providers with our large investment in technology. We are constantly adding additional liquidity in our True ECN trading environment. We are striving to ensure that our investors invest in the best forex trading conditions.
  • Customers can be filled on trade from 1 micro lot to 1,000 lots via ECN. ECN classifies and rates prices to allow real-time execution of large trades with multiple liquidity providers and pricing; regardless of the size of the trade provides the best price.
  • All of our team will trade themselves and understand what investors want and what they need. You can trade with confidence knowing that the LiberalFX team will always be there to help you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • LiberalFX has taken an important step for forex by providing traders access to the True ECN trading environment using this popular trading platform.

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